An analysis of the link between national security and advanced weapon systems and a large military b

Robert Ashley, Lieutenant General, U. The United States faces an increasingly complex array of challenges to its national security.

An analysis of the link between national security and advanced weapon systems and a large military b

The APKWS program has been devised to give the Hydra 70mm rocket family a new lease of life by converting these ubiquitous rockets into cheap laser-guided precision weapons.

The procurement of the additional units will upgrade the current 2. Work will be performed in Hudson, New Hampshire 70 percent ; and Austin, Texas 30 percentand is expected to be completed in March Firms all over the world have grasped this opportunity, which explains why strong competition has emerged from all points of the compass.

Init entered low-rate production, and it was fielded to the front lines in That date will still put APKWS on the cutting edge of battlefield technology, as a leading player in a larger trend toward guided air-to-ground rockets.


SDD finished in Novemberand evaluations wrapped up in January By Januarythe 1st fixed-wing test firing had added the AT-6C turboprop light attack plane to this list, and showed clear potential for broader fielding. The 1st Full Rate Production order was placed at the end of July Since the fins are folded and sealed during firing, their seekers are protected.

The use of distributed sensors can compensate for some movement, but too much movement would create accuracy problems for the DASALS optical bench. The entire guidance section screws in between the warhead section and the rocket motor section, and can be added in the field.

Since the seeker is a semi-active laser, rather than a beam-rider, APKWS can be directed by laser sources beyond its launcher, so long as they have the correct laser modulation code. This is a standard approach for laser guided missiles, but some competitors still use beam-riding guidance.

Most other competitors, however, will use semi-active laser or imaging infrared seekers. Instead of just 1 AGM Maverick per hardpoint, or 3 MBDA Brimstone missiles, certified aircraft would have 7 anti-armor weapons that can defeat many armored personnel carriers, and all lesser vehicles.

No modifications were required, and that combination could also be in service by APKWS Fixed-Wing is actually a different rocket, because it has to survive and perform through the freezing temperatures of high-altitude flight, as well as the high turbulence produced by high speed aircraft.

That means a cartridge activated device to force open the control canards during high speed launches, and a modified guidance control system for the rocket.

Precision rockets can carry infantry-killing flechettes, dispersed bomblets, small unitary warheads, and more. Using 70mm rockets also benefits the platforms carrying them to the battlefield. Laser-guided rockets would expand the range of aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs carrying precision weapons, as well as increasing the number of precision weapons each platform carries.

That would conserve valuable missile rounds by eliminating easy targets like UAVs, provide a second type of guidance threat against incoming helicopters and aircraft, and create the option of using the system in ground combat against infantry positions or vehicles.

Each of those changes, individually, is a significant increase in combat power. All of those changes together would make US Army precision fires nearly ubiquitous on the battlefield, alongside weapons fired from UAVs, and guided ground-launched rockets, mortars, and artillery shells.

Beyond the USA, laser guided 70mm rockets open up a large market for counterinsurgency weapons. With guided rockets, that goal is suddenly within reach. Rocket pods are a universal weapon option, almost all countries have existing stocks of unguided rockets, and targeting can even be done by troops on the ground.

Which may not stop eager customers. FY — Orders: The Navy and USMC have fired thousands of combined fixed- and rotary-wing shots and hundreds in combat scenarios. Also included are any spares, training and support associated with the program.

To fulfill the urgent need, the service will acquire its initial supply of rockets out of the current Navy inventory.

An analysis of the link between national security and advanced weapon systems and a large military b

The new capability will quickly provide the AV-8B with a low-cost, low-collateral damage, high-precision weapon in support of combat operations.

The US has received 13 requests for the system to be sold and buyers will include Iraq, the Netherlands and Tunisia. The system bolts onto unguided 70mm rockets to transform them into a low-cost laser-guided weapon, which has been integrated with several platforms in the US inventory, including the Cobra and Huey helicopters, Apache AHD and A Its ACB Combat Caravan prop planes might need additional integration, but their current tiny load of just 2 Hellfire missiles has been an operational problem.

Adding laser-guided rockets would greatly improve their combat effectiveness. The proposed sale will involve multiple trips to Iraq involving U. Instead of just 1 AGM Maverick per hardpoint, the Hornet fleet will have 7 anti-armor weapons that can defeat many armored personnel carriers, and all lesser vehicles.

An analysis of the link between national security and advanced weapon systems and a large military b

The tests pave the way for Australia to place an order, then field the laser-guided rockets on its Tiger and Seahawk helicopters beginning in improve national security. These valuable approaches also have broader The link between allocations that yield maximum net benefits in CBA and Pareto efficiency is straightforward: If a public policy, program, or project has PPBS relies heavily on systems analysis, or military CBA.

Project AC Weapon Systems Lethality This program develops the technology base needed to support national security issues relevant to nuclear and other advanced weapons and force application technologies. Program operability of military systems during and after exposure to nuclear disturbed.

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