Cysca 2014 access information dea1

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Cysca 2014 access information dea1

Afterwards, the challenges were made available for download for anyone interested in attempting them. The link to download CySCA is https: The challenges included web penetration testing, Android forensics, reverse engineering, cryptography, and more.

Together with two friends I attempted to solve these challenges and what follows is a write-up of our process. We are only just getting started on CySCA so as we solve more challenges, more blog posts will be added. Become VIP to gain access to the Blog to reveal the hidden flag.

The website has several sections: Solving this challenge was fairly straight-forward and easy.

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Even if you turn intercept off, the request will still be changed. Om nom nom nom Gain access to the Blog as a registered user to reveal the hidden flag. This challenge requires us to become authenticated as a registered user. In fact, had we taken the time to read the FAQ section of the challenge site we could have saved ourselves a significant amount of time, since it clearly states that bruteforcing passwords is never required.

Alright, so another method of becoming authenticated needs to be found. After browsing around the website and the blog for quite some time trying to find another way in, we noticed that a user was active on one of the blog posts.

Clearly there was an automated job set up on the Cysca box where this page was being refreshed regularly while being logged in as user Sycamore. However, after leaving numerous comments with XSS code in various formats it became clear that comments were being filtered for this.

In this case, we finally noticed a note underneath the comments section that said: In this case, all we really needed was to steal the session ID from the cookie and use it instead of our own session ID.

Nonce-sense Retrieve the hidden flag from the database. This is where things really started to get challenging. The previous challenge gave us some trouble for a while, but the whole time we knew we were at least on the right track.

Vulnerable By Design (Page 17) ~ VulnHub

With this one we had some moments where we were ready to give up. Fortunately, we stuck with it and after many hours of banging our heads against the wall we finally gained access into the database.

Right away, seeing how the flag had to be retrieved from a database, we figured SQL injection would be the way to go. Once we found out that the parameter was vulnerable to SQL injection, we figured we were pretty much done.

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There were several issues we had to overcome before we could go from vulnerability to exploitation. The latter indicates that there are less than 10 columns in the table, so then you have to narrow it down until the command goes through.

The server response indicated that it recognized everything we added after the parameter value as incorrect, including the single quote. We must have spent hours trying to find the right SQL injection to return valuable server information, without any success.

These tokens were also successful in stopping us from running automated SQL injection tools.

Cysca 2014 access information dea1

The reason is that every time a request is issued to the server, it has to include a valid CSRF token. The consequent server response includes a new CSRF token, which has to be issued with the next server request.

A token is only valid once, and it is only valid for about seconds. We will spare you all the different ways in which we tried to circumvent this error message; we assume that since you are reading this walkthrough you already tried most if not all of those same tactics and discovered they did not work.

So basically what we did was tell BurpSuite that every time a server request was intercepted, it had to run a macro that would retrieve the latest CSRF token and to replace the original token with the new one before sending the request on to the server.

First, set up the macro that you will use. This is where we go to select the CSRF token and use it as a parameter in our next request.

BurpSuite offers the awesome functionality of allowing you to just select what you wish to extract, and it will generate the appropriate syntax for you.TECHNOLOGIES CYSCA INC.

· CYSCA TECHNOLOGIES INC. (Corporation# ) is a federal corporation entity registered with Corporations Canada. The incorporation date is October 1, The principal address is a, Boul. Pierre-le Gardeur, Repentigny, QC J5Z 3A7. CANADA INC.

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Team has won a trip to the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. Hamish Barwick (UNSW) has once again won Telstra’s annual Cyber Security Challenge Australia (CySCA). John Cramb, Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions.

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