Essay on plastic and garbage

This gyre is created by the North Pacific Current, the California Current, the North Equatorial Current, and the Kuroshio Current, all rotating clockwise throughout the northern hemisphere. The NPSG currents create the largest ecosystem on Earth, but they have also created one of the biggest threats to the health of our ocean: We will write a custom essay sample on The Great Pacific Garbage Patch or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The currents are constantly moving and circulating animals and minerals throughout the ocean, but they also trap and carry pieces and particles of trash that have been disposed of in the water or on shorelines. The trash is all carried to the same place where the convergence of currents forces the trash into the center of the gyre.

Essay on plastic and garbage

Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Polyethylene The present study investigates the potential use of waste plastic as a modifier for asphalt concrete and cement concrete pavement. Plastic waste, consisting of carry bags, cups etc can be used as a coating over aggregate and this coated stone can be used for road construction.

Unmodified and modified asphalt binders were subjected to rheological test. Work has been done by using plastic coated aggregates in cement concrete pavements. The results showed better values for asphalt concrete. This is an eco-friendly process.

One of the main components of hot mix asphalt HMA is asphalt cement binder. Asphalt is used primarily construction of roads and as a major component in roofing materials due to its remarkable binding and waterproofing properties. The behavior of asphalt cement in service is governed by their initial engineering properties as well as by the mechanical and environmental conditions to which they are subjected.

The steady increase in high traffic intensity in terms of commercial vehicles, the increase in over loading of trucks and the significant variation in daily and seasonal temperature demand improved road characteristics. Under these situations, it is essential to modify the asphalt cement using modifiers to improve its engineering properties.

On the other hand, the environmental problem such as disposal of waste plastic is major concern. To overcome the problems the modifiers waste plastic are used.

Among various types of modifiers, polymers are probably the most promising. Despite the large number of polymeric products, relatively few are suitable for modification of asphalt cement and are compatible with asphalt cement. Polymers used for asphalt modification can be grouped into three main categories: Thermoplastic elastomers are obviously able to confer good elastic properties on the modified binder; while plastomers and reactive polymers are added to improve rigidity and reduce deformations under load [1].

The following are some of the examples of polymers. SBS radial and linear — good fatigue resistance, high creep rate, but oxidation susceptibility. There was a substantial increase in Marshall Stability value of the BC mix, in the order of two to three times higher value in comparison with the untreated or ordinary bitumen.

Essay on plastic and garbage

Polyethylene which belongs to plastomer gives rigidity to the binder and reduces the deformation under load. However the present study investigates about the use of waste plastic as coating over aggregates and as a modifier in bitumen.Jul 01,  · It makes our environment waste material like cans, bottles, paper, kitchen waste and plastic bags are called garbage.

There are things which can . The Previous pages introduced and discussed ideas such as source reduction of waste, degradability of plastic, and the impact on environment and human,which all inter-relate with the central issue of plastic .

Essay on plastic and garbage

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an area of the ocean filled with mostly rubbish, most of which are not biodegradable Show More .

Great Pacific Garbage Patch. “It’s in the middle of nowhere, and because we don’t see it we pretend it doesn’t exist” The objective of this essay is to let people know about this issue, to make you understand why is necessary reduce the use of plastic.

May 07,  · Almost ninety percent of the plastic that we use is not reusable and goes in the garbage after a single use itself. Plastic spoons, disposable plates, coffee cups, and straws are some examples of the same.4/4(48).

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: A Plastic Wasteland Essay - A large amount of plastic in the water is hurting marine life and distorting the ecosystem to the extent of having dead animals. The ocean is the most important body of water that the Earth has and, if it’s polluted, then we will have a global catastrophe.

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