Fidelity case questions

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Fidelity case questions

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This is the first in our series taking a closer look at the roles Fidelity case questions play in implementation. The closer they implement a program the way research said it should be done, the better the outcomes. When I started thinking about the beginning of the year and the series we wanted to write for this blog, I figured fidelity of implementation would be an easy breezy place to start.

Fidelity case questions

I assumed there would be endless research to cite and so many strategies I would have to pare down the list. The topic appeared to be black and white.

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I soon found out, the truth is in the gray area. The more I read on the topic, the more light it shed on a reality you know all too well: Schools are complicated places. With all these variables, it's difficult to say with absolute certainty that your fidelity score always leads to specific outcomes.

It turns out, between and there were interventions that fit their study. Specifically, they wanted to know: Does implementation affect program outcomes? What factors affect implementation? Their findings are clear: When an organization implements a program carefully, monitoring the implementation along the way, kids experience positive outcomes two to three times higher than when an organization implements a program haphazardly.

They also learned schools experienced improved outcomes when they adapted an intervention to fit their context, which almost always resulted in lower fidelity.

How can that be? Beth Harn, Danielle Parisi, and Mike Stoolmiller explored the nuances of fidelity in their literature review. An example they cite is a small-group literacy intervention where teachers were given specific wording, activities, correction procedures, and recommendations for time management.

So, researchers looked a little closer at two small groups in particular: One with high fidelity instruction, but low achievement scores, and one with lower fidelity instruction and high achievement scores.

When it comes to checking in on your implementation, measuring your fidelity is important. The closer you are to meeting the benchmark for the fidelity measure, the better your odds for improving student outcomes.

What we learn from applying research to reality is: Implementation is more than your fidelity score. Implementation depends on how well you fit the intervention to your context. Here are a few dos and don'ts to consider as your school works to find that sweet spot between high fidelity and contextual fit.

You have to see the play through to the end. There are lots of ways to check fidelity. Go to where the intervention happens and observe it.

Because you can assess all three tiers, taking the TFI may even reduce the number of additional surveys your school takes throughout the year.Thank you for thinking of Fidelity Investments as a potential partner for your event or organization.

To ensure that your request is responded to in a timely manner and reaches the appropriate reviewer, please submit via this online proposal submission system. 1 Case Management and the High Fidelity Wraparound Process Working Together to Benefit Youth and Families Youth and Family Training Institute.

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Methods. The intervention was a systematization of the collaboration between a nurse with geriatric expertise situated at the emergency department, the hospital ward staff, and a multi-professional team with a case manager in the municipal care services for older people.

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