Implementation of health promotion by nursing

Nurses are the most influential in this fundamental transformation.

Implementation of health promotion by nursing

Implementation of health promotion by nursing

ShareCompartir Once assessment and planning have been completed, the next step is implementing the strategies and interventions that will comprise the workplace health program.

Program implementation involves all the steps needed to put health promotion strategies and interventions into place and make them available to employees. Some program implementation considerations have already been discussed in the planning module such as: Program strategies and interventions can focus on different levels Workplace health programs are implemented to improve the health of individual employees and of the overall organization.

The selection of strategies and interventions that make up the overall program can focus on different levels within the organizations including1: Health-related Programs — opportunities available to employees at the workplace or through outside organizations to begin, change or maintain health behaviors Health-related Policies — are formal or informal written statements that are designed to protect or promote employee health.

Health Promotion Model

Supportive workplace health policies affect large groups of workers simultaneously and make adopting healthy behaviors much easier. They can also create and foster a company culture of health.

Health Benefits — part of an overall compensation package including health insurance coverage and other services or discounts regarding health Environmental Support — refers to the physical factors at and nearby the workplace that help protect and enhance employee health The evidence-based strategies and interventions presented in this module are organized into these four main categories.

Workplace health programs are not add-on benefits but basic investments in human capital, similar to training, mentoring, and other employee development programs. Regardless of which interventions are selected, the program should strive to: Use multiple interventions, such as combining program and policy interventions, for a single health issue.

Combinations are more effective than any one intervention alone Use interventions that address multiple health issues at the same time, which is more effective than addressing each single health issue separately Example: Encouraging both individual smoking cessation clinical referrals and smoke-free workplace policies will have a greater impact on tobacco use among employees than using only one of these interventions.

It may be more prudent to focus on one or two policies and programs at first and build on early successes, rather than implement several interventions with insufficient resources. Also, many effective interventions such as health-related policy changes exist that are low-cost, which is especially important for small-and-medium-sized companies that may not have extensive resources to dedicate to employee health.

An ecological perspective on health promotion programs. Get Email Updates To receive email updates about this page, enter your email address:Methods of standard practice in nursing now require nurses to actively engage in health promotion strategies to maximize optimal health outcomes.

Nurses should be able to apply evidence-based concepts from research to implement effective strategies that promote optional health. The health promotion model (HPM) proposed by Nola J Pender (; revised, ) was designed to be a “complementary counterpart to models of health protection.” It defines health as a positive dynamic state not merely the absence of disease.

Health promotion is directed at increasing a client’s level of well being.

Implementation of health promotion by nursing

4) Explain the implementation methods for health promotion that encompasses all areas of nursing. 5) Compare the three levels of health promotion prevention.

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We believe that explicitly outlining and understanding some form of theory that explains the reason for why an intervention may work to induce planned change is a critical step in planning interventions to change provider or patient behavior, particularly in order to promote evidence-based care.

When nurses' health promotion activities were guided by individual perspective nurses' exhibited a holistic approach in their health promotion practice, they concentrated on activities such as helping individuals or families to make health decisions or supporting people in their engagement with health promotion activities (Hopia et al., ; Irvine, .

Nursing as a profession is the largest component of the healthcare workforce in America - Implementation Methods of Health Promotion introduction. There are 3 million Registered Nurses in the country, and the Healthcare settings have been changing since the “ Affordable Care Act” (ACA).

Nurses are the most influential in this .

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