Paper towel absorbency

Quantitative analysis Test 1: Absorbency To measure absorbency, we conducted two separate tests — one for water weight and one for volume. Weight First, we weighed a dry sheet of each paper towel.

Paper towel absorbency

Try these 5 experiments with paper towels!

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Practice measuring with your kids and test out the stretch for yourself. Place the paper towel on a flat surface. Measure the width of the paper towel. Stretch the paper towel out. Measure the width of the paper towel again.

Paper towel absorbency

How far did the towel stretch? Instead of using a square, Aiden wanted to used one piece of the Choose-A-Sheet towels. He also chose to decorate his parachute with glittery shapes.

Aiden dropped the parachute off of our front steps. Get the instructions for making a parachute here. Learn about capillary action as you watch the water move from one glass to the other. Get the instructions for the walking water experiment from Coffee Cups and Crayons.

You can use filter paper, coffee filters, or paper towels! Use washable marker to draw dots or a circle in the middle of the square. Using the eye dropper, drop one drop of water at a time onto the middle of the paper towel.

The water will spread out over the washable marker and separate the colors. The results will vary based on the brand and colors of markers you used. Let the paper towel dry. Then, you can turn it into a parachute or keep it as a piece of art.Using paper towels I introduce a basic approach to determine which type of paper towel is the most absorbent.

Students then use the scientific method to evaluate another property of the paper towel e.g., Rate of absorbency, ability to use a wet paper towel, strength of paper towel etc.

Learning Goals

Select-a-size paper towels make it easy to get just the amount you need to keep hands dry and surroundings clean Two-ply paper towels are super soft and absorbent for easily wiping messes Double-roll paper towels easily tackle any task. In Consumer Reports evaluated paper towels based upon absorbency, scrub strength and wet strength — but I’m most interested in: 1) cost; 2) absorbency, and; 3) scrub strength.

And so, with that in mind, I decided to perform my own experiment comparing a host of paper towel . The small molecules that combine to make up cellulose are sugar molecules; that’s the key to the absorbency of paper towels.

Think how easily sugar dissolves in water. The paper towel experiment is a project that determines which paper towel brand will absorb the most amount of water in a given time period.

Literature Review There are many different brands of paper towels in the supermarkets. They are claim to be the best or have the best absorbency over their. Paper Towel Absorbency Experiment Project Design Plan Problem Statement: Different paper towels have different constructions and therefore are likely to have different absorbency capabilities, yet it is unknown which brands or types of paper towels absorb better, or faster, despite advertising claims made.

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