Poem research paper

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Despite this discrimination, people of this race have fought hard for their freedom and respect. Angelou integrates numerous literary ideas such as various sounds, poetry forms, and key concepts. Maya Angelou uses several sound techniques throughout her poem.

Poem research paper

The whiskey on your breath Could make a small boy dizzy; But I hung on like death: Such waltzing was not easy. You beat time on my head With a palm caked hard by dirt, Then waltzed me off to bed Still clinging to your shirt. The poem was written in the s and set in some earlier decade, and describes a scene from family life, when a tipsy father waltzes with his little son around the kitchen.

Poem research paper

Its three stressed syllables in a line resemble an actual waltz, which has three beats. It uses the so-called slant rhymes, with similarly sounding but not quite corresponding words. This adds to the stumbling effect of the poem.

Short lines in the poem are similar to the ones used in poetry for children. Themes The poem deals with a number of somewhat controversial issues such as family and relations between family members, love, power and authority, manliness, and arguably violence and fear.

The poem itself is ambiguous and quite difficult to interpret clearly.

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Symbolism The main symbol in the poem is waltz. Waltz is a dance involving interaction and interdependence between two people, thus symbolizing the relationship between the father and the son, as emotional and controversial as it might be.

Use of Literary Expressive Means The poem predominantly uses rhyme and rhythm iambic trimester to make it sound pleasant and smooth to the reader, creating playful and light tone lulling the reader and thus distracting their attention from what can be the rather disturbing content.

Other than that, the use of expressive means is scarce. The only active character is the father, exercising his power over his family members who obey him.

The father is an active manly character and a role model for his young son. Thus, the ultimate interpretation of the poem depends solely on the reader and his or her experience. Require a similar poem analysis?

Our experienced writers have been analyzing poetry since they were college students, and they enjoy doing it. They will gladly analyze anything from Shakespeare to modern authors and you will have time to deal with other assignments!The poem is more complex, however, because it also implies both that war cannot protect art and that art should not justify war.

Yet if Brooks seems, paradoxically, to argue against art within a work of art, she does so in order create an artwork that by its very recognition of art's costs would justify itself.

the research paper should be on the poem Porphoria lover. the work sould explore Robert Browning, point of ciew about the poem time line between the discoveries of the disease “porphoria” and thr poem and how the connection between the disease and the poem.

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Poem research paper

Research paper poem paper that you an article or essay abstract is has a thesis. orgarticlesthe-poem-as-a- Appel 5. Poem Du Fu Essay, Research Paper It is often contended that an article or essay abstract is greatest and most important works of Chinese poetry was produced during the Tang dynasty.

Maya Angelou wrote many poems with equality themes because she lived in the same time period a, and worked with great civil rights leaders.

She lived during the ’s big push for racial equality and during the big civil rights movement.

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