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How does a Trebuchet work? Centuries before the practical use of gunpowder, ancient armies employed handmade artillery against castles and fortifications using enormous throwing machines powered by humanstwisted cordbent wood and metal, or gravity. Ingenious and varied in their designthese great siege machines, or siege engines, hurled large stone balls and flaming tar to breach castle walls and set fire to interior buildings. Scale Model Trebuchet Introduced into siege warfare during the twelfth century, the trebuchetpowered by gravity alone, was the most effective siege weapon of its time.

Redstone projects

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It was named for the arsenal on 8 Aprilwhich traced its name to the region's red rocks and soil. The navy-owned facility was previously known as the Naval Industrial Reserve Aircraft Plant used for jet engine production. Following the cancellation of a planned jet engine program, Redstone projects facility was made available to the Chrysler Corporation for missile production.

Rocketdyne Division of North American Aviation Company provided the rocket engines; Ford Instrument Company, division of Sperry Rand Corporationproduced the guidance and control systems; and Reynolds Metals Company fabricated fuselage assemblies as subcontractors to Chrysler.

It flew for one minute and 20 seconds before suffering an engine failure and falling into the sea. Following this partial success, the second test was conducted on 27 Januarythis time without a hitch as the missile flew 55 miles.

Redstone projects these first two prototypes were flown, an improved engine was introduced to reduce problems with LOX turbopump cavitation. The third Redstone flight on 5 May was a total loss as the engine cut off one second after launch, causing the rocket to fall back on the pad and explode.

The latter replied that he had no idea, but they would review telemetry and other data to find out. Toftoy persisted, asking "Wernher, why did the rocket explode?

Inthe Jupiter-C rocket not to be confused with the later, unrelated Jupiter IRBM was developed as an enhanced Redstone for atmospheric and reentry vehicle tests. The Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle was a derivation of the Redstone with a fuel tank increased in length by 6 feet 1.

The Redstone program proved to be a bone of contention between the Army and Air Force due to their different ideas of nuclear warfare.

The Army favored using small warheads on mobile missiles as tactical battlefield weapons while the Air Force, which was responsible for the ICBM program, wanted large cross-continental missiles that could strike Soviet targets and rapidly cripple the USSR's infrastructure and ability to wage war.

With the arrival of newer solid-fueled missiles that could be stored and not require fueling before launch, Redstone was rendered obsolete and production ended in The 40th Artillery Group was deactivated in February and 46th Artillery Group was deactivated in Juneas Redstone missiles were replaced by the Pershing missile in the U.

All Redstone missiles and equipment deployed to Europe were returned to the United States by the third quarter of In Octoberthe Redstone missile was ceremonially retired from active service at Redstone Arsenal. From toa series of surplus modified Redstones called Spartas were launched from Woomera, South Australia as part of a joint U.

These Redstones had two solid fuel upper stages added. Description[ edit ] Redstone was capable of flights from It consisted of a thrust unit for powered flight and a missile body for overall missile control and payload delivery on target. During powered flight, Redstone burned a fuel mixture of 25 percent water—75 percent ethyl alcohol with liquid oxygen LOX used as the oxidizer.

The missile body was separated from the thrust unit 20—30 seconds after the termination of powered flight, as determined by the preset range to target. The body continued on a controlled ballistic trajectory to the target impact point.

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The thrust unit continued on its own uncontrolled ballistic trajectory, impacting short of the designated target.Leslie Moonves is open to merging CBS and Viacom — on his terms — but Shari Redstone, eager for power, may be ready to sacrifice Hollywood's most celebrated exec to chart her own path.

WELCOME TO REDSTONE. Welcome to the Redstone Homeowners' Association website. Here you can learn a bit about us as well as a bit about the developer, Qualico Communities. Minecraft projects created and uploaded by Minecrafters!


Browse the largest collection of Minecraft Maps and Projects that include new and trending creative interpretations of castles, redstone devices, Minecraft music, pixel art and more!

Become a member and share your Minecraft Maps & Projects! The Trebuchet: What is a Trebuchet? How does a Trebuchet work? Centuries before the practical use of gunpowder, ancient armies employed handmade artillery against castles and fortifications using enormous throwing machines powered by humans, twisted cord, bent wood and metal, or gravity.

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Oct 19,  · I Made some redstone creations and Thought I would share them I've only just started thid and proper redstone.

I'll be adding more and more to it.

Redstone projects

I don't know what to put it at as it's going to grow and grow. If you add anything please send it to me and i made this first Thank you To get the Reviews: 1.

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