Solutions to eliminate the criminal justice funnel

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Solutions to eliminate the criminal justice funnel

Criminal Justice System Courtroom Work Group The courtroom work group refers to individuals who work together to ensure that the court process moves from inception to logical completion Samaha, The court work group work together to ensure Solutions to eliminate the criminal justice funnel justice prevails within the court room.

The courtroom work group consists of three principal players; judges, prosecutors and defense. Prosecutor The core mandate of the prosecutor is to establish the guiltiness of the defendant Siegel, The prosecutor is usually a government employee and represents members of the public within the court room.

In the court room, the prosecutor specifically represents the plaintiff in the case. He screens the case and evaluate whether some has actually committed a crime Siegel, He also determines whether the court has identified the right suspect. He also evaluates whether there is sufficient evidence to support the conviction of the suspect.

Defense attorneys Defense attorneys play a significant role in the criminal justice system of protecting the defendant Siegel, Their role is to review the case and evidence represented against the defendant with the aim of proving the innocence of the defendant.

They protect the defendant rights to receive a fair trial. A public defender, also known as a court appointed attorney, is a lawyer who is provided by the state to represent the defendant Siegel, They provide defense services to defendants who are needy and; therefore, cannot afford a private attorney.

The public defender offers representation services for free. However, the suspect must supply evidence that indicates that he is incapable of hire a private attorney. Private attorneys are lawyers, who are privately hired by the defendant to represent the defendants in court Siegel, The defendant has to pay a fee to the private attorney for the representation service.

Solutions to eliminate the criminal justice funnel

Judge A Judge is the senior officer with the court room Samaha, He usually takes a neutral position within the courtroom and listens to arguments presented by the prosecutors and the defense attorneys.

His primary responsibility is to give a verdict on whether the accused in guilty of the crime brought against him or not Samaha, He is also responsible for delivering punishment for defendants who are proven guilty of the crimes. The judge listens to the proceeding and evaluates the evidence presented before the court in order to arrive at the most reasonable verdict.

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Apart from delivering the verdict, the judge is also in charge of overseeing the conduct of other players within the court room Samaha, He ensures that other players adhere to the court procedures and that both the defendant and the plaintiff are treated in the appropriate manner.

What I would like Changed Prosecutors are often hired by the government and therefore, have their salaries as the only means of compensation for their services. This has made the profession of a prosecutor to appear less lucrative as opposed to being a private defense attorney. Private defense attorneys charge legal fees on their clients, enabling them to get higher compensation for their services.

Consequently, the institution of private defense attorney has been well developed in the American system. This has made more difficult for the prosecution side to win cases in court as the office of the prosecutor has only managed to attract young and inexperienced lawyers.

A weak prosecution means that many guilty people are getting with crime. Another factor that I would like to change is rivalry relationship between the prosecutors and the defense attorney.

The role of prosecutors and the defense attorney in the legal system have been clearly stated. Prosecutors role is to protect the right of the plaintiff and the general society by ensuring the criminal acts are punished. On the other hand, the mandate of the defense attorney is to guard the rights of the accused and to ensure that an innocent person is not punished and that the accused is subject to fair treatment.

Regardless of the side, both sides consist of professional lawyers who are bound by the professional ethics of searching and standing by the truth. However, in current legal system prosecutors and defense attorneys are more focused on winning cases than on fulfilling their responsibilities.

This adversarial relationship between the two work groups has shifted the focus from searching for truth to winning cases at all cost. Effects of the Criminal Justice Funnel on the Court System Criminal justice funnel is a concept that equates the legal systems to a funnel.

The legal systems begin with identifying criminal offenses and ends with the conviction of the perpetrator of crimes Daly, Many criminal offenses are committed in the country every year; however, only a fraction of these cases are reported to the law enforcement authorities.

Out of the cases reported to the police, only a fraction leads to arrest of suspects and only a fraction of the arrested suspects are arraigned in court Daly, Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers (D) won the Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Evers received percent of the vote to Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin President Mahlon Mitchell's (D) percent.. In the past decade, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's gubernatorial nominees have been defeated three times by incumbent Gov. Scott Walker (R). Eliminate Criminal Justice Funnel.

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